The Borough is beginning a complete road reconstruction on Center Street between Buffalo Road and Fremont Street. This includes excavating down to the base of the road, building it back up layer by layer, and completely reconstructing the curbs and sidewalks.

The work is scheduled to begin by McCormick Construction on June 10th and it will likely extend for at least a month. During this period, it is forbidden for vehicles to park on the road to accommodate the roadwork taking place. For those residents with driveways, McCormick will attempt to provide access to driveways but access cannot be guaranteed.

Why this road?

Center Street had a sewer line replacement project completed several years ago. In the process, it was identified that the base of the road is in rough shape and a complete reconstruction is needed. This section of the roadway has residents below the low income level so the Borough was eligible to apply to several grant mechanisms to help with the cost.

Firstly, the sewer line work was reimbursed by Erie County through the GAP Infrastructure program for about $240,000 which the Council then committed to the completion of the project. Next, the Borough received $100,000 Erie County CDBG funding. This project would not be possible without the support of the County!

Bidding Information

At the May 8th, 2024 Council Meeting, the Borough Council unanimously approved of a motion to accept the bid with Joseph McCormick Construction Company for the Center Street Phase 1 and 2 projects at a total price of $297,966.50 and they authorized Manager Jacobs to be the Borough representative entering into a contract with them.