Police Department

Photo provided courtesy of EriePics by Micheal Nesgoda.

Full-time Police Department consisting of 8 officers that patrol the Borough 24/7.


Contact the Police:

Emergency Line – 911

Non-emergency – 814-899-0681

Burning Prohibited: Remember that open burning other than in approved containers is prohibited by Borough Ordinance. It is illegal to burn trash or recyclable materials, including leaves and twigs at any time. Copies of the ordinance are available at Borough Hall. Contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 814-899-9124 ext. 25 or Code Enforcement (police@wesleyvilleborough.com) for additional information.

Curfew for Minors: Chief Buzanowski reminds parents that there is a curfew in effect for minors in the Borough. It is unlawful for any person under 18 to be on the streets at night during the period ending at 6:00am and beginning at 10:00pm for minors 11 years or less, 10:30pm for minors 12 or 13 years of age, or 11:00pm for minors 14-17 years old. Please direct questions to Chief Buzanowski at 814-899-0681.

Criminal Activity: Chief Buzanowski reminds residents to always lock your car and remove or hide any electronic devices. Thieves have been targeting unlocked vehicles and stealing phones, GPS units, MP3 players, etc. Please report any suspicious activity to the Police Department at 814-899-0681.

American Legion Donates A.E.D devices: Our thanks go out to the Carl Neff Post 571 American Legion, for their donation of several A.E.D. devices and accessories valued at over $5,000 to the Wesleyville Police Department.

Hiring & Civil Service:

All hiring of Police Officers (full-time and part-time) in Wesleyville Borough is done by the Borough Council from the Civil Service List produced by our Civil Service Commission. The Commission members are unpaid and include three (3) Borough residents, appointed by Wesleyville Borough Council.

Wesleyville Borough participates in the Northwest Pennsylvania Regional Police Testing Consortium. This program is administered by Mercyhurst University, with applications for Police Officer positions accepted during announced testing periods. Testing is done on an as-needed basis and is advertised in the Erie Times-News and on this Mercyhurst website. Detailed information about the test and its component parts is available upon request at www.mercyhurst.edu/policetesting or nwparconsortium@gmail.com. See the most recent flyer here: Flyer NWPARPTC Police Testing 11JUL14

Successful completion of the Civil Service Test which includes physical & written examination along with an oral interview.  The results will be placed on the Civil Service List, which is generally valid for one year. The Commission reserves the right to extend or invalidate the list at its sole discretion. Earning a place on the Civil Service List is not a guarantee of employment in the Police Department.

Questions about the Civil Service testing process or the Civil Service Commission should be directed to Wesleyville Borough office.  The Police Department has no involvement in the Civil Service testing process.

To see the results of the most recent Civil Service test click here: Civil Service Test Scores AUG12