Total Solar Eclipse 2024

Erie is set to experience a Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th. The partial eclipse is expected to commence at 2:02pm, with totality occurring between 3:16 and 3:19pm, followed by the return of daylight at 4:40pm.

This event promises heightened activity in our community. The County anticipates hundreds of thousands of visitors flocking to the region on the day of the Eclipse. Consequently, residents should brace for significantly heavier traffic leading up to the event and expect hours of standstill immediately afterward. In particular, Buffalo Road and Shannon/Station Road in Wesleyville are likely to witness bumper-to-bumper backups. It’s advisable for residents to view the eclipse from their homes, or consider walking or biking to Wesleyville Memorial Park for the ‘Total Eclipse of the Park’ event (details available on our SavvyCitizen calendar).

Residents are urged to stock up on essentials before April 8th.

Here are some safety guidelines to follow:

  • Avoid looking directly at the sun. Certified eclipse glasses are a must to shield your eyes from its harmful rays. Regular sunglasses won’t suffice. Opt for ISO certified eclipse glasses (labeled ISO 12312-2 or ISO 12312:2015) or make a pinhole projector. For safe viewing tips from the AAS, click here.
  • Refrain from taking photographs of the eclipse, and avoid using binoculars or telescopes without appropriate equipment and filters.
  • Keep a close eye on children during the eclipse to ensure they keep their eclipse glasses on and refrain from looking directly at the sun.
  • Stay vigilant of your surroundings, as the sudden darkness during a total solar eclipse can cause disorientation and confusion.
  • Prepare for fluctuations in temperature and weather conditions during the eclipse.
  • Adhere to any safety instructions or guidelines issued by local authorities or event organizers.
  • Plan your viewing location in advance and aim to arrive early to dodge crowds and traffic snarls.
  • Have a contingency plan for transportation and communication in case of emergencies. Expect heavy traffic and large crowds along the path of totality, so allocate ample time to reach your destination.
  • Show respect for local communities and the environment during the eclipse.

For traffic information the day of, use

For more information on what is going on around the region, check out

Not sure if you’ll have a good view of the Eclipse from your house? Want to view the Eclipse at a park but prefer to stay local to avoid traffic? Join us for the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE PARK event at Wesleyville Memorial Park.

Due to the anticipated increase in traffic on the day of the event, it is advisable to either walk or bike to Memorial Park or steer clear of Buffalo Road and Station/Shannon Roads.

Feel free to drop by anytime on April 8th between 12:30-5pm to hang out and enjoy the natural show! The partial eclipse is set to begin at 2:02pm, with totality occurring between 3:16 and 3:19pm, followed by the return of daylight at 4:40pm.

We suggest everyone bring:

  • A blanket and/or chair
  • A packed lunch or purchase a Domino’s pizza from their vendor table
  • Solar eclipse glasses!!! See below for details on how to obtain them.

Porta-potties will be available at Memorial Park, along with access to the bathrooms at the ballfield.

Lulu’s Graphics, a Wesleyville business, has designed a shirt especially for our party. Order yours today!

Music will be graciously provided by DJ Brian Shank.


A limited number will be available for sale at the event or can be purchased in advance at Floral Expressions by Darlene, another Wesleyville business. Additionally, all Erie County Library locations will distribute Solar Eclipse glasses starting March 18th. Patrons can receive one pair for free per library card. Glasses cannot be reserved in advance, so be prepared as they will likely be in high demand and difficult to find on the day of the event. For more distribution locations, visit the VisitErie homepage for all things eclipse:

The Borough’s typical trash collection schedule is being adjusted in anticipation of heightened traffic on April 8th.

The Monday route will still occur on Monday morning, however the Public Works crew has decided to begin at about 3am rather than their typical 5am start time in order to maintain safety and effectiveness on the trash collection route.

The Borough Office will be closed to walk-ins on Monday the 8th due to the Total Solar Eclipse and the anticipated congestion.

If something is urgently needed, we ask that you call the office, some members of staff will still be in the morning of the 8th. However, we will be running a skeleton crew so please be understanding of that.

Normal office hours for the public will resume again on Wednesday the 20th.

Wesleyville Merch

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We have collaborated with a Borough business, Lulu’s Graphics, to design and print shirts for this event.

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