Position Type

Full Time position, 40 hours a week. Eligible for overtime pay when called in for emergencies and/or winter maintenance needs.

Benefits included:

– Full health care coverage with hospitalization, dental, and vision. The Borough covers the annual deductible of $2,200.

– Defined Benefits Pension Plan, vested after 7 years.

– All federal paid holidays + 2 additional Borough-recognized paid holidays.

General Description

A Public Works Laborer is a Borough employee that is directly supervised by the Borough Public Works Supervisor. The Public Works Laborer performs a variety of Public Works-related tasks, including but not limited to the maintenance of buildings and grounds, parks, roadway signage, sanitary and storm sewer system maintenance, streets, traffic signalization systems; refuse collection and disposal; and snow removal. 

Duties and Responsibilities

Report for duty at the hours scheduled by the Public Works Supervisor, according to Public Works Department and Borough requirements, including responding to a periodic call-ins in instances of reoccurring events, necessitating Public Works Departmental response.  

Complete all tasks as assigned by the Public Works Supervisor, including but not limited to the general areas of:  

  • Building janitorial maintenance and maintenance of the building’s grounds;  
  • Parks maintenance;  
  • Roadway maintenance;  
  • Sign installation and maintenance;  
  • Sanitary and storm sewer system maintenance;  
  • Street maintenance and line-painting;  
  • Traffic signalization systems maintenance;  
  • Recycling and refuse collection and disposal;  
  • Snow removal;  
  • Vehicle cleaning, and maintenance as directly and specifically assigned by the Public Works Supervisor; and  
  • Other maintenance tasks as assigned by the Public Works Supervisor.  


Operate all vehicles, except those requiring a PENNDOT/CDL, as assigned and authorized by the Public Works Supervisor, and for which training has been provided.  

Other duties as assigned by the Public Works Supervisor.

Minimum Requirements

Satisfactory background/criminal check and no felony convictions.  

Able to successfully complete medical, physical, and/or psychological examinations, as required.  

How to Apply