Borough Tax Collector

Collecting the Borough’s Future!

The Borough is seeking an applicant to appoint to the position of Tax Collector. 

The current Borough Tax Collector, Marlene Silbaugh, announced at the February 24th, 2024 Council Meeting that she intends to retire on June 30th, 2024 after 15 years of service to the Borough in the role. 

The Borough Council is tasked with appointing a replacement that will complete the remainder of Collector Silbaugh’s term through December 31, 2025.  

The individual in this position is tasked with collecting the real estate taxes for both the Borough and County, as well as the real estate and per capita taxes for the Iroquois School District. Compensation for the Tax Collector is determined by each entity, as detailed in the section below titled “Compensation.” 

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a resident of the Borough.
  • Has the ability to be bonded. A surety bond pre-qualification will be required during the application process. If you have never been bonded and are unsure, a credit score of 650+ is generally needed.
  • No significant criminal convictions. A background check will be required during the application process.
  • Training for the Tax Collector training is outlined in the “Resources” section below.
  • While some accounting experience may be beneficial for applicants, it’s worth noting that the previous Tax Collector had no prior experience in the accounting field and still served successfully for 15 years in the role. If you’re willing to learn, don’t count yourself out as a candidate.

Compensation & Budget

Here is a summary of the amounts and sources of the Tax Collector’s compensation.

  • From the Borough, an annual salary of $7,542 in 26 biweekly payments of $290 gross.
  • From the County, an annual salary of $8,700.
  • From the School District, about $6,000, flexible because it is based on several variables.
    • $4/tax duplicate received for property tax
    • 5% of the per capita tax.

Based on the previous experience of Collector Silbaugh, annual compensation was in the range of $22,000 year.

Here is a summary of Tax Collector’s line items on the Borough’s annual budget that will help to cover operational costs.

  • Postage – $1,000
  • Bond Premium – $500
  • Training – $220

Estimated Time Commitment

  • The Collector could work at their own pace, self-determined scheduled, and at any preferred time of day.
  • Generally, tax receipts will trickle in, and the Collector will process it according to their desired method. The Collector does have busier times of year that coincide with when the taxes are due.
  • Annual Public Office Hours:
    • Required 12 hours/year to be open to the public at the Tax Office, specifics on when those times are scheduled are up to the Tax Collector.


  • Open a business bank account in the name of the borough to deposit tax funds.
  • Ensure that tax bills are mailed out on a timely basis. Taxes are due three times a year: At the end of April for the Borough and the County, the end of August for the School District, and at the end of the year.
  • Receive, account for, and deposit all tax payments.
  • Provide regular payment of funds and reports to Wesleyville Borough, Erie County and the School District via check or Cash.
  • Submit regular reconciliations to the Borough, County and School District. The necessary frequency of these varies depending on when the taxes are due.

Tax Office Location

The Tax Office can be set up within the Borough Office at the Borough Hall located at 3421 Buffalo Road.  

Alternatively, the Collector may opt to operate the tax office from their personal residence, on the condition that they have a designated area for tax materials and possess a lockable dropbox. Additionally, they must have a window or another method to interact with the public during office hours. 



Arguably the best resource for anyone interested in becoming a Tax Collector would be the Pennsylvania State Tax Collectors’ Association (PSTCA). Visit the “New Tax Collector” page of their website to learn more.

How to Apply

Questions about this position can be directed to the current Borough Tax Collector Marlene Silbaugh at (814) 897-9070 or

Once you are ready to apply, send a resume and a brief cover letter to or stop by the Borough Office and drop off the materials in-person.

Applications are due before April 30th, 2024.